“The act of writing is an act of optimism. You would not take the
   trouble to do it if you felt it didn't matter.”  

                                                                                    - Edward Albee

Jules Christian has written numerous articles for publication in magazines and other media and has been commissioned to write on a wide variety of subjects, as can be seen from samples on this webpage.

His writing has covered everything from reporting “events”, to his own entertaining and imaginative experiences; from motoring reviews to promotional material for tourism and business.

Jules Christians Dot Com offers a script writing service for Radio and TV Commercials and for additional promotional purposes. In addition we can quote for graphic design work  for magazine and other advertising and creative design work.

Bod - "A lighthearted look at the expanding waistline"

102 K

Duckmania - "Mild insanity and Seagoing ducks in Malta!"

80 K

A Ships Tale - "The fascinating history of a UK/Maltese Ferry and its final resting place"

101 K

The Great Race - "A genuine 21st century challenge and a race staged between an Airbus 320 jetliner and a Porsche Cayman supercar"

119 K

Air Malta Conference & Incentives - "Magazine promoting this expanding business area of malta's national airline"

96 K

Maltese Islands Travel Trade Directory - "Tourism Marketing tool with detailed information about the Maltese Islands"

76 K